Multipower launches unique Hi-energy Jelly Bar

Multipower launches unique Hi-energy Jelly Bar

Leading European Sports Food Company Multipower, has introduced a truly innovative new product to the UK market, the Multicarbo® Hi-energy jelly bar for endurance athletes. The unique jelly formula provides an ultra convenient product for optimum energy supply before and during intensive exercise and offers an exciting alternative to energy gels.

The Multicarbo® Hi-energy jelly bar boasts the finest quality ingredients, including a carbohydrate mix of glucose to provide a quick energy boost, and isomaltulose, a low glycemic carbohydrate which is digested and absorbed slowly to provide sustained energy.

Struggling with energy gels is a common issue among endurance athletes, usually as a result of the consistency and messiness of the gel formula, or problems with digestion while training. The Hi-energy Jelly bar caters for those athletes who still require an intense energy boost during training, yet find that gels do not work well for them. Offering another product to the market also helps to avoid flavour fatigue for those athletes regularly consuming sports nutrition products.

Marketing Manager of Multipower UK, Steve Kessell said: ‘We are really excited to launch a ground-breaking new product to the UK market. The hi-energy jelly bar is a first class product, containing the best quality ingredients in an easy to consume pouch. I feel confident that it will be a popular choice among endurance athletes.’

Multipower ambassador and World Top Ten Triathlete Will Clarke added, ‘The Hi-energy jelly is a fantastic new product, it tastes great, is easily digestible and provides an effective long lasting energy supply. The solid jelly makes it really easy to consume during hard training and competition and offers an interesting alternative to the range of Multipower gels.’

The jelly, which comes in orange flavour, retails at £1.29 for a 50g pouch, and is available to purchase from www.multipoweruk.com

Multipower’s consistent quality control, compliant with IFS, ISO & HACCP, guarantees the safety of all products.

Teams and sporting bodies currently sponsored by Multipower sports food include Ivan Basso’s Team Liquigas-Cannondale in pro cycling, Double British Triathlon Champion Will Clarke and European and Commonwealth swimming champion Francesca Halsall.

Running4women recommend these products they provide a good energy boost.

Further information at Multipoweruk 

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