Multipower Launches new New Fit Protein Lite

Multipower Launches new New Fit Protein Lite

Multipower Sportsfood launches New Fit Protein Lite

Leading European Sports Nutrition Company Atlantic Multipower has launched an exciting new protein drink, Fit Protein Lite.

With 40g of milk protein, Fit Protein Lite is a high quality, low carb, low fat protein shake that supports muscle building, recovery and helps you to cut down for the summer.

With a fat content of only 1g per bottle Fit Protein Lite supplies your body with essential muscle building proteins and vital nutrients after your workout or as a convenient meal replacement.

Fit Protein Lite delivers 80% less carbs and sugars than Multipower’s number one selling Fit Protein in the iconic brown bottle.

Retailing at just £3.85 a bottle the 500ml drink is available in three delicious flavours of Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry.

Multipower Nutritionist Drew Price said: “Fit Protein Lite features casein and whey dairy proteins from high quality whole milk protein, with all the essential and non-essential amino acids, including significant amounts of glutamine and branched chain amino acids. The low fat and reduced carbohydrate formula helps users to meet their protein intake goals whilst not over-consuming fat or carbohydrate, making it a flexible and convenient option.”

Marketing Manager of Multipower UK, Shân Savage said: “Fit Protein Lite represents a strong addition to the Fit Protein range giving the consumer another great option in the form of fat free, high protein drink, with a lowered carbohydrate content, to support dietary and lifestyle goals. Fit Protein Lite contains 40g of protein but only 14g of carbohydrate per bottle, ideal for use in one or two servings as desired.”

Fit Protein Lite will be used by Multipower ambassadors including Rugby League side Leeds Rhinos and Northampton Saints and England full back, Ben Foden, as part of their nutrition programmes.

The drink is available via leading gyms and online at www.multipower.com

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