Multipower launches Nature’s Power Bar

Multipower launches Nature’s Power Bar

Multipower launches Nature’s Power Bar

Leading sports nutrition company, Atlantic Multipower has launched Nature’s Power Bar, a brand new healthy snack made with premium quality natural ingredients.

With 25.2g of carbohydrates, 5.2g of protein and just 2-4g of fat in each 40g bar, Nature’s Power is an ideal snack to take before and during training.

Nature’s Power Bar also acts as a tasty high carbohydrate alternative to a chocolate bar, with the advantage of the carbohydrates coming in the form of natural ingredients such as seeds and oat flakes. The bar acts as a healthy option with natural sugars and unlike many others bars it doesn’t contain any nuts, which helps to promote better digestion.


The bar contains a mixture of fast and slow digesting carbohydrates to ensure a rapid but long lasting fuel and is available now in three delicious flavours; Honey & Seeds, Cranberry & Strawberry and Salty Cocoa. Retailing at £1.40 RRP per 40g bar or £32.99 RRP for a box of 24.

Marketing Manager of Multipower UK, Shân Savage said: “We are really pleased to add another great tasting product to our range.  Nature’s Power Bar is designed to provide you with the right level of nutrition whether you’re improving your body’s strength or endurance levels. It’s packed with natural ingredients delivering great taste and texture for when you’re on the go.”

Multipower Nutritionist Drew Price comments: “Nature’s Power Bar offers an excellent low fat, low fibre snack which is perfect for before and during training. Not only does the bar provide a sustained supply of energy, but the high carbohydrate and protein combination also helps to improve glycogen replenishment.”

The Nature Power bar is available online at www.multipower.co.uk


Running4Women’s thoughts on the Nature’s Power bars: 

As a post run snack this bar was ideal, the taste and consistency was good. The nutritional value of this bar also enabled me to refuel adequately. Running4Women would recommend these bars Score 5/5

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