Meet Your Running Goals During Floods And Storms

Meet Your Running Goals During Floods And Storms

If you’re unable to access your training routes, here’s how to prevent rain stopping play.

This weather is awful for runners. Some of you are facing the prospect of high winds and heavy rain every time you run. Others may be unable to access running routes because fields, paths and roads are underwater. And of course we realise that some of you might be facing very serious flooding and damage at home.

You all have our support. If running is still on your list of priorities during the floods, we’ve come up with ways for you to stick to your goals.

If you run to manage your weight…

Focus on your food intake. If you can’t get out for your regular runs, keep a closer eye on what you’re eating (and drinking) during the enforced down-time. You’ll probably find your hunger levels are a little lower. Now might be a good time to set yourself a nutrition goal: eat one more serving of vegetables a day, cut out that daily snack, replace your latte with black coffee… There’s more than one way to lose weight (you can burn calories, or you can lower the calorie intake).

If you run for general cardiovascular fitness…

Use this time to find a cross-training method you enjoy. Can you get to the gym, leisure centre, or local fitness classes? A few weeks of an alternative method of CV fitness will not harm your running fitness and may in fact boost it. You’ll give your muscles a new type of stimulus, and you may discover a workout you’ll want to continue as cross-training. Try swimming, an exercise class or even a workout DVD if the weather is so bad that you’re advised not to travel.

If you run for the enjoyment of being outdoors…

Tough one! With the weather as it is, it’s not just unpleasant to be outside, it’s dangerous. Please be safe. Grab the opportunity when there’s a break in the weather, but pay close attention to weather warnings. Consider heading out for a fast walk rather than a run. You can pay closer attention to what’s underfoot, and avoid puddles, holes and fallen branches.

If you run for “me time”…

We know that most of you enjoy this aspect of running. If you’re unable to get out for your regular run, or if every run seems stressful at the moment (as you battle wind, rain and the unknown), find new ways to treat yourself. How about an hour of yoga (try a DVD or online class), a meditation session (there are plenty of online sessions and apps) or a massage? All of these will benefit your running, by helping you relax, manage stress levels and focus on niggling tight muscles.

If you run for a race or event training…

Sometimes there’s no way around it: you have to run. If you’re training for a race, you simply can’t afford to take too much time off from running. We totally get it! After all, we’re moving into prime marathon and half-marathon season. Sit down with your training schedule and identify key sessions. Which can you afford to swap out (recovery runs?) and which are crucial (long runs, time trials, tempo runs?) You may just have to do your training runs on a treadmill for now. It’s actually a good tool for tempo runs and hill sessions, as you can closely control speed and incline. Keep an eye on the weather reports and head outside for a run when you can, but be safe. Avoid standing water (you just don’t know what’s underneath), don’t risk getting caught in a storm (run shorter loops so you’re never too far from home) and wear reflective kit at all times.

We truly hope this weather won’t last too much longer. Until then, stay in touch with us and with the rest of the running4women community via our online forums and Facebook page. Let’s all keep each other motivated!

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