Inspiration From Celebrity Running Mum Nell McAndrew

Inspiration From Celebrity Running Mum Nell McAndrew

With all eyes on one new Mum in particular this week, we caught up with Nell McAndrew, one of our favourite high-profile running Mums, to ask her best advice about running and motherhood.

Nell McAndrew is a passionate runner and a devoted Mum to her six-year-old son and four-month-old baby daughter. We asked her how she juggles running, babies, parenting, work and me-time.

“My baby daughter is only a few months old, so although I have returned to running I am taking it very easy. I’m not used to stop-start running but I know I have to listen to my body and be sensible. I’m used to running the whole way, for pretty long distances, but now is not the time for that. That time will come again!

“I’m just running twice a week at the moment, when my schedule allows. It’s tough to juggle work, childcare and other commitments so I get out and run if I can. I don’t put any more pressure on myself that that, and I don’t allow myself to feel any more external pressure about running at this point in time.

“When my daughter is six months old I’ll start taking her out in my trusty running pushchair, then we’ll be flying everywhere! Until then, it’s gentle runs twice a week for me.

“I think the most important thing for new Mums is not to put any pressure on yourself about running after having a baby. And don’t allow anyone else (or the media) to put pressure on you, either. You know your body and your baby better than anyone. Don’t set yourself time goals or pace goals. Be realistic.

“Being a new Mum is really overwhelming. I’m feeding on demand at the moment and I do know how overwhelming everything gets! So don’t place any extra pressure on yourself, there’s enough to cope with.

“I can really recommend your local parkrun event – free, marshalled, timed 5k races held around the country. I do my local one in Bushy Park as regularly as I can. There’s no commitment but they are always there when you can manage them. They’re timed, but don’t have to be competitive, but you can use them as a benchmark to keep an eye on your own progress. And kids can run too! So, if you have older kids, or if you want your new baby to be active with you in future years, parkruns are a great opportunity to lead by example and raise an active family.”

You can keep up with Nell’s running (and parenting) tweets at or see her website at

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