I Like The Way You Feel

I Like The Way You Feel

‘Making you feel good through exercise’ is my aim during training sessions:  Feeling good about yourself, within yourself and looking and feeling good to others.

Whether it gives you increased confidence, elation as you cross the finish line, or the opportunity to wear the clothes you always dreamt of, exercise can make you look and feel great on so many levels. 

It not only energises, provides enormous health benefits and will assist with weight loss, but it does wonders for self-esteem, provides a sense of purpose and achievement and creates emotional highs after a great workout. 

Have you ever been asked for some of ‘What you’re on’?  Have you ever wondered how some people manage to look a certain way, create energy around them, and have a positive attitude towards life and what it brings?  I’ve certainly met people who have just that – the ability to keep going no matter what:  Whatever the conditions and individual scenario, they keep on running and finish the race.  No matter how tough their circumstances, they keep focused on their goal and stick to it.  And no matter how unattainable the standard set, they strive to meet it and succeed.

Some of the toughest men and women I’ve trained with in the Military have done just that: Physically tough selection processes for the toughest of jobs, hard core relentless training to be the very best they can be. Each of them pushing themselves to beyond their perceived limits, overcoming the obstacles and achieving the unthinkable.  And how’ve they done it?  They’ve trained and they’ve stuck with it, never losing sight of the end, never giving up.

And more recently I’ve come across amazing people who’ve used exercise to deal with some of life’s hardest situations: bereavement, separation, loss and illness. No matter how old they are or what their circumstances, they’ve chosen exercise, and they’ve used it to not only cope, but to win.  And as a result, they look and sound strong with an inner confidence which seems to somehow make them more positive, appear younger, more vibrant and feel better about themselves and their situation.   In fact, often this inner self belief is so life changing, it’s harnessed to assist others overcome similar issues and in turn, realise their full potential.  And imagine having been through such an experience yourself, how rewarding it feels to use your skill and inner strength to then help others.

How many of us look in the mirror and hate what we see?  Both physically and mentally, we rip ourselves apart, from our appearance to our shape, our size and even our age.  Some of this we can do little about, since we can’t turn the clock back or alter our basic body type and there’s only so much height we can add with a pair of killer heels.  Yet we still berate ourselves for just being us.  How many of us hate what we see when we’ve finished the box of chocolates only to fail to go out for that run we promised ourselves? How many of us are our own worst enemy when it comes to self criticism, lack of confidence, low self esteem and lack of motivation?

The bad news is, we’re stuck with ourselves, and having the enemy ‘living within’, isn’t ideal. The good news is, we can fight back:  There are things we can learn to change about ourselves which will have a positive effect on how we feel and look.   For instance, pretty much anyone can start exercising, learn to set goals and think about healthier eating.  Training yourself to stick to the plan will then see results:  Exercise will deliver weight loss, increased energy and the longer term effects of feeling and looking better.  All you need is to find some self-motivation and self-discipline!

If your life’s stressful, then the adrenaline outlet that exercise provides will help reduce stress levels, control blood pressure and provide you with a more positive outlook.  If it’s a case of the blues or anxiety you’re experiencing, take some exercise to get the ‘Endorphin high’ from a cardio workout (the body’s chemical response which makes you feel so good).   Just imagine then, how good it would feel to continuously get those highs day after day?  Wouldn’t it be great to actually feel happy about yourself?  To be someone who radiates confidence and self esteem?  And imagine how big your smile would be when people think you look ten years younger than you actually are!  And if it’s a challenge you need, then use exercise to find an endless list of personal goals you could set yourself and achieve.

Want some proof?  Take it from me, exercise will make you feel better because, I, and many others have been there.  So why don’t you get out there, do it, and see for yourself!

Annie Jack


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