How To Get Back On Track After Overindulging

How To Get Back On Track After Overindulging


We’ve all overdone it at some point. An aching head, dry mouth, exhaustion and lethargy are all too common. If you’ve overindulged in alcohol, food or both, it might seem impossible to get back onto the fitness wagon. We’ve gathered top tips from the fields of nutrition, hydration and detox to help get you off the sofa and into your running kit as soon as possible.

Drink Up

If you’ve over indulged, chances are you’re feeling pretty dehydrated. Start the day with a big glass of water (cold or hot) with a slice of fresh lemon (and some fresh lemon juice if your tastebuds can take it). You’ll feel cleansed and all your cells will feel the benefit of the water.

Call A Friend

A sure-fire way to get back on track is to make fitness into a date! So get in touch with a friend or family member and commit to it. You could even take your kids out. You won’t want to let loved ones down, and the social aspect of your run will make it a really positive experience, helping you get back into the groove.

Get Going Early

If you think you’re likely to drag your feet about getting out running, then just get going. Do it early, before you get started on chores, shopping, visiting relatives or hosting guests. Have your breakfast, put your kit on and head out to the trails or the treadmill. Don’t sit down with the laptop, TV or newspapers. They can wait until you’re back.

Eat Well

Good choices breed more good choices, and motivation builds in a spiral of positivity. So plan healthy nutritious meals and snacks so you can refuel after your run and feel great about the choices you made. If there are Christmas chocolates and other goodies in the house, put them away (or get rid of them) so you’re not tempted. It can be tough to do, but we promise you’ll feel so much better – physically and emotionally.

Rest And Recover

If you’re still off work, make the most of the holiday time to really recover well after your run. You can even go as far as tucking yourself up on the sofa under a blanket, warm and snug after your shower. If you find yourself wanting a nap, then have one. It’s one of the few times of year when we can really let ourselves rest this much. Run hard, then rest hard.

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