How Many Days A Week Do You Run?

How Many Days A Week Do You Run?

How many days a week do you run? Take a look at our list to see how you score. We’ll show you how to maximise you training time for health, weightloss and the enjoyment of running!

1 Run A Week

Life’s busy, you’re juggling home, family, work and perhaps a lot of travel. Running is a hobby and you like how it helps you manage your weight and give you a bit of me-time every week.

It’s great because: you’re feeling the benefits of running, from heart health to emotional health. And it’s a good idea to start slowly to avoid potential injury.

Reasons to change: one run a week is good, but two or three would be great. Do you have time to do a little more?

Action points: find a training partner, enter your first race or charity run, seek out support to increase your running in a safe and structured way.

2 Runs A Week

You regularly get out twice a week for a run, probably once in the week and then once at the weekend for a longer run. Things are going great for you!

It’s great because: you’re able to do a shorter run in the week and a longer run at weekends or when time allows.

Reasons to change: if you have time, put a third run into your weekly schedule. 3 training runs a week means you can enter speed training territory – great for extra calorie burn, fitness and weight management.

Action points: identify a day for a third weekly run, ideally leaving a full day’s recovery between runs. Make your third run speedwork, intervals or hill reps.

3-4 Runs A Week

You’re in a great routine of running 3 or 4 times a week, depending on your schedule and running race goals. Is this the ideal running plan?

It’s great because: 3 or 4 runs a week is perfect for intermediate runners or those training for anything but the longest endurance race.

Reasons to change: there’s no reason to change unless training for a very long event or multi-sport race.

Action points: stay flexible. You’re in a great position where you could scale your training down, or even take time off, if your busy schedule demands it.

5 Runs A Week

Whoa, Ms Pro! You’ve stepped things up and now you’re running 5 times a week. It’s important to pay attention to recovery, soft tissue work, sleep and nutrition.

It’s great because: your fitness, stamina and speed almost certainly reflect your consistent approach and advanced runner status.

Reasons to change: if you’re experiencing extended periods of fatigue, soreness which won’t shift, or niggles, it’s time to rethink (at least temporarily).

Action points: with mileage this high, you simply must ensure your nutrition, hydration, sleep, soft tissue work and stress management are optimal.

6-7 Runs A Week

Are any of you running 6+ times per week? This could mean a two-a-day training approach and club or elite athlete status.

It’s great because: you’re an advanced runner and clearly understand the finer points of training. You’re probably close to achieving your key goals in the sport.

Reasons to change: just because you run 6+ times a week now, don’t feel that you can’t back off a little. Listen to your body, mind and coach to find a happy balance.

Action points: at this level, you need to think about periodisation, cycling your training so you get regular deload weeks. Use downtime to rest, recover and catch up with non-running areas of life.

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