How Aerobic X Training Can Boost Your Running!

How Aerobic X Training Can Boost Your Running!

Many of you will have been told by a physio that you are not allowed to run for a period of time due to an injury or ‘niggle’.  Now be honest, how many of you have half heartedly gone to the swimming pool, executed some relaxed breaststroke lengths and convinced yourself that the light swim three times a week is keeping you just as fit as that half marathon schedule you have been following? ….. Weeks later the run back to fitness seems demoralising and agony… where has all of my fitness gone?????

Have you ever noticed how many of the worlds top athletes come back from injury fitter and faster than ever before? This isn’t just natural talent. Sure the frustration of rest and not racing builds motivation but the time out using bikes, X trainers, the pool for swimming and aqua jogging has also achieved something else. We are convinced that the extra strength and muscular endurance gained through the weeks of intensive X training can create a better athlete.

So our advice is always to add aerobic X training to your weekly running mix and here’s some tips on how to do it.

Its not difficult to X train instead of running, all you need to do is re create your running schedule but as x training. Literally.

So, have a look at your original running plan and think about the intensity required that day. Now choose a discipline such as cycling or the X trainer to recreate this.

If your plan said run 5 x 5 minutes @ threshold intensity then get on the bike or step on the x trainer and re create the run session. Warm up as you would on your run feeling quite easy for 5-10mins, then adjust the resistance or increase the speed to achieve your desired threshold effort level. Threshold when you are running should feel like 3-4 word answer pace, so threshold when you are x training should feel exactly the same. Execute the session, warm down and voila!…. You have stayed just as fit without harming that niggle.

Likewise, if it’s an endurance long run day then recreate this as a long X training session by either going for a long bike ride or if in the gym then use different cardio machinery. Yes try several bits of kit and replace that longer steady run. Keep the intensity to 7/10 and maybe work for 10-20 mins on the bike before switching to the X trainer and then progressing to the rower and so on. You could even finish with a swim and suddenly 60-80 mins have passed!

30-45mins easily plus some strength and conditioning or core work afterwards is another fabulous session. A great impact free day and good replacement for a recovery run.

However, don’t wait until you are injured to x train!! Any of these sessions can be slotted into your weekly mix as a replacement to a harder session or easy recovery run. Decide upon what you want to gain from the workout before walking through those gym doors….. X training is also a great new stimulus that can challenge your body differently therefore aiding weight loss and avoiding plateau –  and if that hasn’t convinced you, we don’t know what will!

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