Healthy Eating Picnic Recipes For Runners

Healthy Eating Picnic Recipes For Runners

Planning a picnic this week? Here are some of our favourite healthy eating picnic recipes for runners. 

Potato Salad

A great way to get the carbs a runner needs, make your own potato salad so you can control what goes in it. Cook some lovely summer potatoes (we like Anya potatoes) and cool before mixing with your favourites from chopped red onion, spring onion, fresh herbs like mint, parsley or basil, chopped hardboiled eggs, fresh peas or sweetcorn, chopped green beans, bell peppers or asparagus, chopped chicken or prawns. Season with black pepper or chili flakes if you like it hot. Make it colourful, fresh and use a little plain yoghurt, quark or greek yogurt to bind everything together. Delicious! 

Rice Salad

Take the same approach to rice salad and add chopped vegetables, fresh herbs, some protein in the form of chopped egg, lean meat or seafood, season well and bind with either plain dairy or some good quality oil (olive oil or nut oils are best). A great source of carbohydrates, protein and good fats – exactly what runners need.


What could be simpler? Chop your favourite vegetables and munch along with a healthy dip (or by themselves). Homemade guacamole, salsa and hummus can be very healthy if you avoid adding sugar and control the ingredients which go into the dip. 

Cold Meats

There’s no limit to the ways you can get your protein in at a picnic. Grilled or bake chicken breasts or thighs (just watch the marinades and coatings), take sliced beef, prepare skewers of cubed meat and vegetables. Somehow everything tastes better chilled and eaten on a picnic blanket in the fresh air! 

Fruit Skewers

For a healthy, colourful dessert bursting with vitamins and anti oxidants, prepare fresh fruit skewers which combine the best of British fruits with some exotic flavours too (pineapple is very good for reducing inflammation so is a good choice for runners). Or simply pack your favourite Summer berries for snacking. 

Homemade Scotch Eggs

If hardboiled eggs sounds a little too dull, make homemade Scotch eggs (a picnic favourite!) by using good quality minced meat and a small amount of crumbed coating which you’ve made yourself. You can get the kids involved in a simple recipe and be happy in the knowledge that your homemade Scotch eggs will not only taste far better than shop-bought but will actually be a healthy, nutritious treat free from any artificial fillers, processed meats or nasty chemicals. 

Try this recipe for a healthy twist on Scotch eggs which grown ups and kids alike will love. 

Running4Women’s Healthy Scotch Eggs for Runners 

Preheat your oven to 180*C 

– Soft boil your eggs (put them into a bowl of cold water after 3 minutes cooking time)

– Mix minced lamb, beef of pork with seasonings (try chili, bell pepper, fresh herbs and your favourite seasonings)

– Spread ground almonds on a plate, and beat two fresh eggs in a separate bowl

– Remove the shells from the hard-boiled eggs, shape the meat mixture around the eggs carefully to a thickness of about 1cm (keep your fingers wet, it makes the moulding process easier)

– Roll each egg/meat combination in beaten egg then in the ground almonds

– Cook on a grill tray in an 180*C oven for 20-25 minutes. 

To Drink

Try coconut water, fizzy water or still water chilled to icy temperatures. Add lemon, lime or herbs for a delicious refreshing drink which won’t have any negative affect on your nutritional goals.

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