Want to start running but don’t know where to start? Love running but want to improve your performance and train for events? Whatever your level, the Women’s Guide to Running offers the expert advice, training plans and motivation you need become a better runner.

Written by Health & Fitness running experts, this book will become your indispensable running coach! Specifically designed for women, this guide includes beginner’s and improver’s advice; running plans for every level – covering beginner, 5k, 10K, half-marathon and full-marathon distances; running kit and gadget guides; injury prevention advice; step-by-step gym exercises to help improve your running; race and running event advice as well as sustainable nutrition plans and recipes

Book review by Linda R4W Member

Easy to read this magbook covers everything you need to know about women’s running whether you are a complete beginners or a more experience runner. As well as running there are chapters about nutrition and diet, stretching, strength building exercises and training, injuries clinic, racing, motivation and many other topics.

For the beginner there is plenty of information on how to improve your running, preparing you for your first race and help you progress and improve your times.

It was nice to read the true stories section and I found the runners MOT and injury clinic very useful. There are also helpful training schedules for all standards over all race distances from 5k to Full-Marathon.

This book is full of sensible advice aimed at all female runners of all ages and abilities and I would definitely recommend you have a copy at home.

Health & Fitness’ Women’s Guide to Running in available from for £6.96

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