Great Ideas For Running Whilst On Holiday

Great Ideas For Running Whilst On Holiday

Are you off on holiday soon? No need to leave your running habit at home! Here’s how to carry on running on vacation.

Running Abroad

If you’re going abroad, your top considerations will need to be luggage, and temperature. Depending on your luggage allowance, you may need to pare back your running kit to the bare minimum: a pair of running shoes, a couple of sports bras, and two sets of kit. If you’re going somewhere warm, at least you won’t need base layers and long sleeves! By taking two sets of the essentials, you can always have one in the wash and one to wear.

Make A Realistic Plan

We’re all different: some of you are beginner runners, or those who run simply because you enjoy it. Others are club or even elite level runners, currently at a key stage of a training plan. Look at your goals, your reasons for running and your lifestyle before deciding how many times you’ll want to run on holiday. You might also want to take into account your partner, family or travelling companions: will it upset the apple cart if you head off before breakfast every morning for a run? If so, then find a peaceful balance so everyone enjoys the holiday happiness.

Make The Most Of Your Location

Where are you going on holiday? Will you have access to a sandy beach? Are you located in a mountainous area? In a city with a long river path running through it? Use the natural habitat of your holiday location to create amazing runs which will not only give your fitness a boost but will supply you with a rich set of running memories to tap into once you get back home.

Keep Cool And Hydrated

It’s more important than ever that you stay cool and well-hydrated when running on summer holiday. Even if you’re not going somewhere typically thought of as hot, the temperature or humidity change could be enough to upset your body’s balance. Wear a peaked cap or visor, running sunglasses and loose, light clothing which wicks away sweat. Hydrate well before, during and after your run. Consider packing a tube of electrolyte tablets or drops to add to your water. And make sure you’ve fully rehydrated from the day’s run before you enjoy your holiday gin and tonic that evening!

We hope you have a wonderful holiday, wherever you’re going! We’ll be here for you when you get back home.

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