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Get Started

Welcome to Running4Women Training Zone. Here you can log all your training activity in your own training diary, download training plans, set personal training goals, measure your performance and fitness, share routes and plan your racing calendar.

3 simple steps:


1. Register:

Once registered, click on your settings link under your profile name on the right hand side of the page in order to upload a profile image and set your training diary preferences.

2. Upload:

Securely log all your workouts in your own personalised training diary. Manually upload activities, upload Garmin and Polar files or sync your training diary with your Nike+ account.

3.  Analyse:

Check out over 18 analysis graphs to evaluate your performance and current fitness level. Keep track of all the activities you’ve undertaken and compare your workout statistics side-by-side for a visual record of how your training is evolving.

What next?

1. Set goals:

Want to improve your race times this year? Set it as one of your goals in your training diary. If it’s too much in one go, you can break it down into smaller targets and set dates to achieve them.

2. Find or Add events:

Plan your season with the Training Zone event guide. Pick events and add them to your diary via our interactive map or by date range.

3. Download training plans:

Get serious about getting fit with one of our distance and discipline specific training plans. Choose from sprint to Ironman to suit your ability and training hours.

4. Plot, find or share training routes:

Plot, find and share rides and runs using our route mapping tool. Find routes that are close to you, keep track of where you work out or use as inspiration if you’re visiting a new area. View the elevation of routes and accurately map your run or ride.

5. Compare notes:

Use the Training Zone leaderboards to see how you are performing against other athletes. Compare your workout to others; see what training plans, distances and speeds are being set. Keep track of your total miles covered each month and see how you fare in our leaderboard – will you get a top spot?

6. Keep track:

Retain a permanent record of all your personal bests. Keep track of your miles covered, time spent training, number of sessions completed and your average speeds. Clearly see how your fitness is improving and compare over the weeks, months and years.

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