Get ready to go outdoors with Fitness fx

Get ready to go outdoors with Fitness fx

Get ready to go outdoors

After hibernating throughout the winter months, spring represents the perfect time to get back outside and on the fitness band- wagon. Here are 5 tips from fitness fx’s leading programme developer, Greg Sellar, that might help make the transition from inside to out easier and help you to realise your fitness goals by the all-important summer month:

Take things slowly – Recent studies have shown your fitness levels decrease after approximately two weeks of inactivity. The longer you have off, the more time it takes to regain fitness levels.Change your routine – Take advantage of activities you couldn’t do indoors. Replace the treadmill with a run outdoors and investigate the outdoor boot camp you considered but were turned off because of the freezing temperature.

Change your gear – Lighter and more breathable workout gear will allow you to push harder as the temperature rises. Your gym shoes may need a re-visit with a more durable pair of cross trainers needed to cope with uneven outdoor surfaces.

Get appy – Find a fitness app with GPS tracking to take you places you’ve never exercised before. A run along a canal or push-ups in a new park space will provide motivation and variety to keep you going for longer.

Set a goal – Knowing spring is only 12 weeks away from summer, set a fitness goal and find a like-minded friend you can commit with. We tend to get insular during winter because of the increased indoor time, so grab someone and get outdoors!


For more fitness information and tips, please visit where you can also purchase fitness fx’s range of no-nonsense exercise DVDs. They’re perfect for those ‘April showers’ when you can’t go outside! fitness fx’s latest range of DVDs – v13.2  – consist of six different workouts and all cost just 14.99.

More information on the range of fitness fx DVDS:

  • jump fx – Explosive metabolic training designed to accelerate fat loss and maximise fitness gains
  • fight fx – Martial arts-inspired fight sequences and conditioning drills devised to strip fat and amplify power, co-ordination and confidence
  • stomp fx – Multi-peak athletic programming with a step formulated for maximum calorie burn and fitness improvements
  • groove fx – High energy aerobic routines with easy-to-achieve dance styling choreographed for fun, fitness and fat loss
  • pump fx – Progressive resistance training using a bar and weight plates to deliver functional, multi-plane movement and total-body results
  • blast fx – Intense, bodyweight-only conditioning routines created to shred fat and boost fitness… fast


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