Find your balance with Mu Tea

Find your balance with Mu Tea

Find your balance

Formulated by the Japanese health philosopher, George Ohsawa (founder of the Macrobiotic diet and philosophy), in the 1950s, and based on studies of the energetic properties of traditional oriental herbs, Mu tea is far more than your average ‘cuppa’…

The word ‘Mu’ in Japanese means ‘an ideal state of balance’ and Clearspring’s new Mu tea is an expert blend of 12 organic plant ingredients, each picked for different yin and yang elements. The result is a drink that is both soothing and invigorating, helping you find your ideal balance – picking you up when you are down and relaxing you when stressed.

Each organic ingredient has been carefully selected not just for their beneficial properties, but also based on taste. Liquorice root for example is a favourite in health conscious kitchens, but also adds a natural sweet taste to the tea, whilst cinnamon is renowned for its anti-oxidant benefits and adds a little spice to the mix. These join a host of other exciting ingredients, including peony root, ginger, peach kernels and clove and ginseng

The result is a flavoursome tea, which can be drunk at any time of day to help bring a little more balance to your life, whether you need to de-stress from a manic day at work or a pick me up to get things going in the morning.

Clearspring’s Mu Tea is now available directly from their website at www.clearspring.co.uk at £4.39 for a box of twenty teabags. Also available from independent health stores, including Whole Foods, Planet Organic and As Nature Intended.


Please note: Not suitable for those who are pregnant or breast feeding. If suffering from any medical condition or on any medication, including the pill, please consult a doctor before consuming.


Full ingredients list: Citris unshiu peel, liquorice root, peony root, cinnamon, cnidium rhizome, ginger, peach kernels, rhemannia root, coptis rhizome, ginseng, clove, moutan bark

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