Do You Drink Enough?

Do You Drink Enough?

Tips for hitting your hydration targets.

As runners, it’s crucial that we drink enough water. Here are some tips for hitting your hydration targets in the heatwave of 2014! 

This hot weather has taken us all by surprise. Remind yourself of how important it is to hydrate. Did you know that we need water for digestion, swallowing, to transport nutrients from our food to our blood, to rid our bodies of toxins and to cool us down?  The primary trigger of fatigue during the day is lack of water. Dehydration during – or because of – exercise is common.  A 1%-5% loss of fluid body weight is classed as mild dehydration. 

Try these tips to help you drink enough water: 

Start the day with a refreshing glass of water with a slice or squeeze of fresh lemon. Not only will this kickstart your thirst cues, but the lemon will alkalinise your system, which is great for your digestion and blood health. 

Pop a bottle of water in the freezer before leaving the house. It’ll stay cooler for longer and can even act as a kind of makeshift cooling system if you’re in the car (pop it in front of one of the car’s fans). 

Carry a bottle of water with you every where. Ideally, make the bottle one which is either glass, metal or BPA-free plastic, so it won’t leak nasty chemicals into your water (this is a particular risk with plastic bottles in hot weather). 

Identify “dead time” in your daily routine: waiting for the bus, sitting in traffic, making the family meal, breastfeeding the baby, checking email. Make it a habit to drink at least one glass of water during these times. They’ll soon add up. 

Drink a glass of water before every meal, and another before bed. Herbal tea counts (you could even try using herbal tea for iced tea).

Add slices of lemon or lime, ice cubes, crushed fresh herbs (mint or basil are lovely), sliced cucumber or frozen grapes to drinking water to add a little taste, a few extra vitamins and a bit of excitement to an otherwise boring drink. 

Drink from a glass you love. You’re more likely to drink up if you’re swigging from a receptacle you find nice to look at. 

Now you’ve read this article – go and drink a glass of water!  

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