Cool Runner Anklet Socks from SockMine – Product Review

Cool Runner Anklet Socks from SockMine – Product Review

About Us

The story behind the SockMine

Long ago, in the textile heartlands of Nottinghamshire, there was a picturesque factory called Roy Lowe and Sons. It was run by Roy and his two sons, Tim and Martin. It was a happy factory and they made the best socks in the land until one day, an evil economic spell was cast that ground the proud machines to a halt.

The factory closed down. Myths about the abandoned factory floated on the wind around the county. Some people believed it was full of elves who still produced socks; others even claimed to have seen elves running out to do a cob run on Friday mornings. Myth grew into legend and things that should never have been forgotten fell out of memory.

Until one day,  a son of the third generation, Ben, a golden child with flecks of silver in his curly hair, was sweeping the factory floor when he came across what turned out to be a great mine shaft. With a head full of adventure and a heart full of valour, he descended and found a mine full of elves who were proudly knitting the finest technical socks in the land. This gave Ben a marvellous idea. A treaty was formed with the elves and on this fateful day the SockMine was born!

Our pledge

Socks are to us what coal is to a mine – they’re the knitted pearls of energy that power us to excellence. And, if you’ll let us, we’d love to freshly mine the highest specification of technical socks especially for you. Whether it’s running, cycling, hiking, skiing or snowboarding that gets your adrenaline pumping, you can count on our socks to provide you with the finest podiatric comfort while you dig deep for the burn!

If the fact that we’ve just expertly used the scientific adjective for ‘feet’ doesn’t convince you that we’re super-serious about hosiery, then we’ll drop in the fact that we’re the official licensee of Extreme Sports for socks, hats, gloves and scarfs – and those guys know a thing or two about technical sports gear!


Cool Runner Anklet Socks with COOLMAX®. These lightweight running socks provide soft cushioning in major contact areas, whilst the moisture management system from the COOLMAX® yarn wicks away moisture from the skin leaving feet comfortable and dry.

PRODUCT REVIEW – Cool Runner Anklet Socks by Jo Dodd R4W Forum member 


Style – Colour and style excellent, love the flag design. Good height for running, didn’t move under my heel like some socks and thicker material near heel gave good stability.  Score 5/5

Comfort/Fit – Very comfortable, more of a winter/cooler weather sock. May be too warm in the summer, keep feet warm and compressed. Score 4/5

Freshness – Warm but breathable. Score 5/5

Quality – Excellent. Score 5/5

Overall – No movement while running, excellent fit. I found the sock so comfortable I wore them to complete a half marathon. They were comfortable all the way round, kept my feet warm yet breathable, they didn’t feel over heated/sweaty. Would definitely recommend. Score 5/5

PRODUCT REVIEW – Cool Runner Anklet Socks by Jess R4W Forum member 

Style – Like the colour and the length of these socks fit just right on the ankle. Score 5/5

Comfort/Fit – Fitted perfectly. Score 5/5

Freshness – Warm and breathable, used them out running and in the gym at a metafit session (which has lots of twists and turns on your feet).  Score 5/5

Quality – Had plenty of use and plenty of washes and still look like and feel like new. Score 5/5

Overall – Could not fault these socks would definitely recommend these to my friends.  Score 5/5

PRODUCT REVIEW – Cool Runner Anklet Socks by Dee Running4Women Club member

STYLE – Liked the pink Union Jack. Score 5/5

COMFORT/FIT – Fitted well and felt soft underfoot. Score 5/5

FRESHNESS – Kept my feet dry – I ran through a stream to test their moisture wicking properties and didn’t notice my feet were wet; the socks were dry when I took my trainers off.  Score 5/5

QUALITY – A high quality product I would be happy to wear on long runs. Score 5/5

OVERALL – I would recommend these socks for summer and winter wear. Score 5/5

Available from thesockmine

Price: £8.00

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