Cold and Hungry

Cold and Hungry


I have just read a response to a runners question regarding feeling cold and hungry after a run and was interested that you mention checking thyroid function. I have recently been diagnosed with low thyroid function and am in the process of finding the correct level of medication. I go to the gym normally 4 times a week and always do a 30 – 45 min run on the treadmill as well as light weights. I am 51 yrs old and originally started going to the gym as I also have high blood pressure and high cholestral, I’m pleased to say that with exercise , medication and a change of diet this are both under control. however with the thyroid issue now playing apart I wondered if you ahd any advise you could offer. I have ran several 5k fun runs and really enjoy running and would like to run more often and outdoors. Any advice or information would be appreciated. Answer:

Hi Eileen ,

That is fantastic news about your cholesterol and blood pressure. 

Hypothyroidism, as I am sure you are discovering, is rather complicated. I would not try to treat it in this format here however some things to discuss with your health professional are: Selenium deficiency, higher than required Vitamin B3 supplementation, inadequate conversion of beta-carotene to Vitamin A. Insulin resistance is usually inter-related so a low sugar and low carbohydrate diet can sometimes be of help.

I would recommend replacing a gym session with a swimming or yoga session if possible for its relaxation and stretching. Over-exercising can exacerbate hypothyroidism.


Emma Wight-Boycott

MSc Nutr (2009), PGDip Nutr, PGcACNEM, Dip. Sc Nutr

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