BLOCKHEAD – Compressed Energy Gum

BLOCKHEAD – Compressed Energy Gum

New energy product set to challenge energy drinks market with revolutionary and groundbreaking new compressed energy gum. BLOCKHEAD represents a revolutionary approach to energy products; chewing gum that releases energy. Thanks to the patented technology, the active ingredients are absorbed orally rather than digested. The result is an energy absorption rate 5X FASTER than conventional energy drinks. The gum begins to take effect in just five minutes compared to thirty-five minutes for energy drinks and digested energy products.

BLOCKHEAD is now readily available in the UK and offers energy on the go without the negatives of other prevalent energy products on the market – being SUGAR FREE and CALORIE FREE makes BLOCKHEAD a healthier energy product compared to the array of energy products currently available in the UK.


BLOCKHEAD is the brainchild of young British entrepreneurial sport scientist, Danny Lowe. At just 21, Danny applied his keen understanding of absorption methods to create a unique and potent product that offers unrivalled effectiveness compared to other energy products currently available.

BLOCKHEAD is the perfect pocketsized product for when you need a boost to help you get through a busy schedule. Whether you need to sharpen your focus in the office, a kick start in the gym, jetlagged from travel or juggling the school run and a work deadline, BLOCKHEAD is just what you need. Each packet is the equivalent of five cans of energy drink. It’s a portable and convenient energy product that is ready to give you a boost right when you need it. No fridge required! The science behind compressed energy is progressive, ground breaking and complex.

Available from Blockhead 

Single pack price: £1.95


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