Benefits Of Running With A Club

Benefits Of Running With A Club

Do you run by yourself? If you’ve been thinking about joining a running club, perhaps it’s time to look at all the benefits of running with a group.

Structured Training

Doing at least one of your runs every week with a running club or unofficial group adds structure to your training. If your running has been a bit haphazard, running with others is a great way to ensure you get a longer run in every week, or even that you do your speed training or hill work at the same time every week.


One of the best things about running with a club or group is the motivation you’ll get from surrounding yourself with other keen runners. You’ll feel inspired, supported and encouraged as you go for your running goals, and you’ll be amongst others who want to talk about PBs and pacing, hill reps and heart rate monitors!


Knowing that your new running friends are expecting you to turn up is a great way of staying accountable to your goals. You’re more likely to turn up to the running club’s weekly session or to your group’s arranged meeting time if you know people are waiting for you. And, as you work towards your goals, you can check in with other runners which will keep you focused.

Running Friends

What better way to make a great group of new running friends than by joining a local running club! You know they’ll all have the same passion as you, and you can talk about races and injuries and training routes and blisters in the full knowledge they’ll know exactly what you mean. Local running friends can introduce you to the best routes, trails and hills, and you’ll form friendships which go far beyond just running.

New Ideas

However many years you’ve been running for, it’s always great to freshen up your training, recovery and nutritional approaches with new ideas. Running with a club gives you access to many different points of view, as well as input from coaches and more advanced runners. Your running will never get stale when you run with a club.  Resources and Support

Of course, being part of a running club automatically gives you access to things solo runners often miss out on: entry and transport to races, cheaper entry prices for races, socials and events, supervised track and hill sessions, specialist training, coaching, physiotherapy and links with local running resources.

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