Back To School – Back To Running

Back To School – Back To Running

The kids are back to school – it’s the perfect time to get back into the swing of a running schedule.

Whether you’re a Mum, an Auntie, a Gran or an occasional babysitter, the school Summer holidays will no doubt have disrupted your regular running schedule to some extent. We love spending time with our little ones! But we also love it when they go back to school and life returns to normal.

What’s Normal For Your Running Routine?

As the Autumn terms starts, do you want to return to normal, or find a new-normal which kicks your running training up a notch? Here are some suggestions for your “new term” of running – let’s set some new running goals together.

Ease Back Into It

If you haven’t run much over the Summer holidays due to time away, childcare and family commitments, you’ll need to ease back into your regular running training schedule. If you jump straight back into the frequency and mileage you were used to, there’s a chance you’ll end up with an overuse or impact injury from running. Take two or three weeks to get back up to the level you were at in June or July, using the strategies you used when you first started running:  – rest days – cross-training – recovery runs – the 10% rule for increasing mileage.

Set New Goals

New school year, new start… how about setting some new goals for yourself? Here are a few goals you could choose from (we’d love to know which you choose!):

– enter a running race (half-marathon season is approaching) or the Boudavida Womens 10k Windsor 

– work on your speed (pace per mile or time for a certain distance)

– commit to a new weekly training session (running track, hills, speedwork or long run)

– join a running club

Explore New Running Routes

If your kids are about to start at a new school, how about you share their fresh start by exploring some new running routes? We’re not about to suggest you run back from dropping them at the school gates (we wouldn’t want to start a row about embarrassing Mums!) but perhaps you can find a new off-road running route, hilly road route or flat, fast stretch for speedwork?

Training For The 2017 Half-Marathon Season

September traditionally marks the start of the Autumn half-marathon season, and the back-to-school vibe is the perfect time to commit to some new goals of your own. Why not make  use of our online resources, forums and social media to help you find a race, tackle the training, stay accountable and ultimately reach your target of a half-marathon race finish!

What will your running goals be this Autumn?

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