All You Need To Know

The Difference Between Virtual Runs and Virtual Challenges

Virtual racing works just like other types of running events, cycling races and swimming events
The only difference is that they can be completed as a run, swim, cycle, cross-train or row challenge, at a location of your choice and completed at your own pace and date within the virtual challenge period.

We hold regular virtual races with different Themes that must be completed within a specified month. We also host ongoing virtual challenges which are virtual runs and races that can be completed within 6 months of race entry.

You can complete your virtual running race inside on a treadmill or anywhere outside, where ever you are in the world.

How do you get started?
Just browse our list of challenges – we have started with just 2: The Windsor Womens 10K and the Windsor Half Marathon. We will be adding a range of Runs and Challenges for the Autumn and Winter within the next couple of months.

Then finally, you can challenge yourself to complete a specified distance across the year with our annual challenges, these races have beautiful medals as a reward for when you complete the challenge.

But the real satisfaction occurs when you submit your evidence of completion by the deadline and we send you your custom medals as a reward for your hard work.

So what are you waiting for?

Step 1. Choose a Run or a Challenge
Step 2. Submit your results here
Step 3. Get your virtual run/Challenge medal through the post
Have fun and enjoy the Run/Challenge!