A Perfect Day Of Running

A Perfect Day Of Running

We’ve all experienced it: some days, training runs go like clockwork. Everything flows. Here’s how to set yourself up for a perfect day of running!

Running, eating well and living a healthy lifestyle have plenty of benefits. You know the fitness, fat loss, weight management and healthy ones already. But what about the less obvious benefits of being a devoted runner?

There’s no doubt about it, regular running gives a massive sense of achievement. As female runners, we feel part of a tribe (especially here at running4women). Structure, habit and ritual around running creates a wonderful momentum which makes it easier to keep moving towards your goal, whether that’s running for weight loss, a race or a training PB.

Have A plan

Make sure you have a plan for the next day’s run, and (ideally) a training plan. Know how often you’re going to run, and when. Schedule your runs in to your calendar like any other important event.

Get Organised

Life is busy. So make sure it’s as easy and simple as possible to get your run in. Have your training kit clean, ready and laid out. Know where to find your keys, runners ID, watch, high-vis kit and shoes. Map out your route. Have your drinks and food or snacks prepared ahead of time.


The night before your run, spend some time thinking about it. Visualise how it will feel, where you will go, what you will see. How will your body feel? Is your stride long and easy or fast and hard? Notice how smooth and easy your breathing is. Begin the “flow” of a good run before the run even begins!

Remember Your Why

If you’re struggling with motivation or not looking forward to your run, remember why you do this. It’s probably a very personal reason, so you don’t need to tell anyone else. But recall it and connect with it. You’re so much closer than you were when you started running. Keep going now.

Make It Social

Some women love the solitude of running. For others, it’s a pleasure best enjoyed with a training partner. If that sounds like you, organise to meet a friend or running club buddy. Or take your dog out running with you.  The social aspect of running with someone else can turn a good run into a really perfect one.

Reward Yourself

Once you’ve completed your perfect day’s run, reward yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything big, expensive or time consuming. But take a little time to recognise your achievement, to note how far you’ve come since you started running, and to smile at how much you love running.

Enjoy The Lifestyle

Finally, really enjoy the pleasures of being a regular runner. You do this because you love it. So recognise and be thankful for all the little things about being a runner: enjoying the great outdoors, sunrises, endorphin rushes, PBs, burst of speed, nods to other runners on the street. They all add up to create your perfect running day.

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