5 Mistakes You Must Stop Making If You Want To Lose Fat

5 Mistakes You Must Stop Making If You Want To Lose Fat

If running is such a great calorie burner, why do some of us still struggle? Here are 5 mistakes you must stop making if you want to lose body fat.

You’d think regular runners have no problem maintaining a lean body, right? If only life were that simple! Unfortunately, getting (and maintaining) a lean and lithe physique is about more than the simple maths of calories in vs calories out.  Are you still making any of these common fat loss mistakes?

Not Drinking Enough Water

This one, simple, free tip is enough to transform your fat-loss efforts. The truth is that most of us don’t drink enough water. Water is used by the body to transport nutrients from the food we eat to the muscles, and also to help remove toxins from where they’re stored (including in subcutaneous fat). So, drink up! Filtered is best (a simple jug filter is a quick and easy solution). 

Taking Your Phone or Laptop To Bed

Come on ladies, hands up, who is guilty of taking phone, laptop or tablet to bed and reading, Facebooking or even checking work emails before going to sleep (and first thing on waking)? We all do it. But we should all stop! The light from electrical devices stimulates the brain, making it very difficult for us to fall asleep and stay asleep. Good quality, restful sleep is key in balancing hormones and reducing stress. Leave your phone and computer outside the bedroom, make the bedroom dark and quiet, and concentrate on getting better quality sleep. Watch your body fat levels reduce as a result.


We get it, you love running. That’s why you’re here. We’re the last people to tell you to run less, but do watch out for overtraining. Much as we love it, training itself is a stress, and too much of any kind of stress encourages the body to churn out the hormone cortisol, which in turn makes it very difficult to lose fat. Ironically, the worst thing to do if you want to lose body fat is to train more. In fact, training less (but making each session really count) may well be key. 

Not Reading The Label

The food label, that is. How many of you pay attention to the ingredients on the processed and packaged foods you eat? Ideally, we should minimise the amount of packaged foods in our diet anyway, but we need to be realistic. But being busy is no excuse for not knowing what’s going into our stomachs. Look out for ingredients you can’t pronounce, lists of ingredients longer than 10 items, and ingredients which are chemicals. Toxins encourage the body to hold on to body fat. Would you smear it on your face? Then why would you put it in your stomach? 

Avoiding The Free Weights

Running will always be our first love, but cardio can only go so far when it comes to creating a really lean and defined body. If you want your body to be healthy, with a boosted metabolism which carries on burning calories like a furnace 24/7, you need to increase your lean tissue and build a little muscle. Nobody’s saying you have to spend hours in a gym, but adding squats, pull ups, press ups, lunges and weighted rows to your routine will help your body maintain lean tissue. That way, when you burn off body fat, you’ll have a lovely shape to reveal underneath it all! 

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