Those Morning Runs

Those Morning Runs

The alarm clock goes off and there’s that horrible dilemma once again. Shall I whack it and roll over for an extra hours sleep or shall I get up and complete that run on my schedule before the day starts.

Now let’s face it, sitting at work or meeting friends later in the day feels great when you know you have already been out training. It feels even better when you accidentally slip into conversation the fact that you have trained when others were in bed, but let’s be honest, getting up early can be tough… I personally feel great when most of my runs are completed early before breakfast and work. I seem to be full of energy and buzzing all day. I also find myself tired in the evening and sleeping well. Life just feels good to be honest.

But what are the real benefits of a few early morning runs each week?

Weight Management

We know that running before breakfast elevates the metabolism for the rest of the day. You will sit at the office desk and complete daily chores burning off more calories than normal even though you are resting. Make sure you eat well all day though as your body still needs to recover!

Training Fat Stores

Ffor those of you wanting to run half and full marathons you need to become good at using stored fats and carbohydrates as your fuel source. Early morning runs teach your body to use stored fats as a fuel. Run easily and only at about 6/10 for effort making the run fully conversational. You will run better half and full marathons as a result.

It’s Quiet 

It is lovely to be one of the first in the park or running along a normally busy road without car fumes and traffic. There really is something peaceful about the early morning run and time to yourself. It’s probably also a lot safer as well.

The Grin Factor

Yes you will smile all day knowing the run is already banked. Smile at fellow commuters or friends who over-slept and be proud. Of course you might still go to the gym for a core session or complete your favourite class but the run is done. You can even relax in the evening and enjoy your family or friends without feeling guilty or stressed. Your day is already complete!

I Didn’t Annoy Anybody

Be honest here, how many times have you slipped out for a run at work during lunch knowing the office is gossiping about you or sniping behind your back….’She runs more than she works that one’. I can hear it now. Equally, how many times have you popped out for a run in the evening when really you also want that quality family moment? The stresses of being a woman and trying to achieve everything for everyone! No longer is this an issue if you run before the day starts…

So here are 5 great physical and emotional reasons to run early in the day. My biggest motivation is always the feel good factor and the energy it gives me. Set that alarm clock, get the kit ready and get to bed early. You will see those changes and never look back.

Phoebe & Nick

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