Some simple Do's and Don'ts from the Running4Women team.


  • Have a health check.
  • Ensure that you buy running shoes that are correct for you - visit a professional shop.
  • Find out if there is a group to run with in your area – if not assemble your own through the Running4Women network.
  • Determine safe, well lit areas to run, or find an adequate gym if you are working on a treadmill.
  • Be imaginative and creative in your choice of training routes.
  • Progress patiently.
  • Keep a sense of purpose and structure to your running.
  • Adopt an holistic approach.
  • Determine when is the most effective and realistic time of day for you to run.
  • Set goals but hurry slowly.
  • Ensure your running enhances and enriches your lifestyle.
  • Be positive about what YOU can achieve irrespective of all the doubters.
  • Enjoy the time to yourself that running provides.
  • Make time to stretch before and after your runs.


  • Be put off by anyone.
  • Run with colds or injuries.
  • Buy shoes for their looks.
  • Try to do too much too quickly.
  • Run alone in the dark at night.
  • Allow your running to make you feel rushed.
  • Doubt what you can achieve.

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