Running For Weight Loss

Running For Weight Loss


I try to run at least 3 times a week covering a distance of at least 10k each time I run. I have lost a lot of weight before but now I can’t seem to lose any weight even though I am running and exercising loads more! I am a veggie and try not to eat loads of junk! What should I do?



Answer: Hi Ash,

This is not an unusual problem. Many runners experience plateaux in their training as the body adapts and gets used to the ‘load’.

Possible solutions include:

Adding another run each week to increase the number of calories you use.

Increase the intensity of one of your runs. This can be done by

  • running a more undulating route and pushing the up hills
  • running ‘reps’ i.e. hard for a few minutes, easy for a few minutes, never quite letting yourself fully recover
  • adding a little variety to your training, rather than always running 10km do some faster, shorter runs and some steady longer runs or even some cross training

Remember that as the effort of running has become easier because you are now fitter, this has meant that you will expend fewer calories for the same distance run. Adding variety and some different ‘efforts’ will increase the amount of calories you are burning.

Good luck.

Jim Cowan.

R4W Technical Advisor

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