Runners’ Tummy

Runners’ Tummy



I am a runner and have been most of my life this year I have entered the London marathon so I am now running long distances and have a defined training problem however I am having problems especially on my long runs where I keep having to stop for bowel movements. These come on really quickly and with a serious need to reach a toilet quickly – this can happen several times on one run – help! Claire


Dear Claire,

Runner’s tummy is quite a common complaint with long distance training. I would recommend you ensure that you are eating a balanced diet and that you are not running too soon after meals. Caffeine can also be a trigger for this problem so try to reduce your intake. Also try to keep yourself adequately hydrated on your longer run. If the problem persists then you should speak to your GP.

Kind regards Angela Benjamin MSc MCSP Chartered Physiotherapist

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