We all need a touch of motivation sometimes. Here are some real women's best motivational tips for other female runners. 

Keep A Training Diary

Keeping some sort of written record of your running is a great motivator. Seeing your mileage and progress in black and white, and being able to refer back to it over the years, can help you see patterns in your training and make it easier to fast-track successes. As the years go on, it becomes more and more motivating to see your running history stack up.

Start logging your runs now in your very own FREE training diary on Running4Women. It couldn't be easier - simply download the Running4Women mobile running app and your runs will sync directly into your training diary.

Join A Running Club

Most people feel they benefit from running as part of a club, whether that's an official running club or athletics club, or a group of like-minded individuals. The benefits of running with a club include motivation, accountability, camaraderie, access to coaching, resources, advice and even discounts on kit. 

Talk Online

Well, we would say this, but joining in on online conversations about running really does sky-rocket your motivation - and keep it there. From the Running4Women forums to Facebook, blogging and Twitter, there is a vast network of women runners out there who want to talk about running, share their stories, measure their progress and listen to you, too. Join them! 

Use Apps

There are many running apps available now, including our very own Running4Women mobile running app which will sync your runs directly into your Running4Womentraining diary. Apps help you with everything from measuring your heart rate to documenting your race pace, apps make it easy and fun to keep on top of your running progress, and tracking those details is very motivating. 

Focus On A Race

Maybe all you need to boost your running motivation, is a goal! Why not spend a little time looking through our race calendar to find an event that suits your abilities, your target and your own diary. Get entered, get planning, get training. Bet you feel more motivated now! 

Find A Running Partner

For many women, running is a wonderfully solitary pursuit. But sometimes it's nice to share training with one like-minded person: someone with whom you can share the highs and lows of training runs, discuss the merits of new running trends and kit, and chew the fat about how running fits in with the rest of our lives. A good training partner is worth her weight in gold. If you are looking for a running partner, try out our Running Buddy Finder.

What's Your Motivation?

Maybe there's something else which could motivate you. A very personal reason for running, a health issue, following in the footsteps of a role model, or breaking an old bad habit which you want to be rid of.   What motivates you? Share your own running motivation with the rest of our community - you never know who you're inspiring.


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