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  1. Use running to blast body fat with these 4 short, sharp sessions. Everyone knows that running is awesome for burning calories and staying in shape. But there’s running…. and there’s running!
  2. Paint Swirl Sports Leggings they are perfect for gym, exercise classes, walking, running, zumba, cross-fit and any other sporting activity. Why not look amazing while you workout!
  3. Changing seasons can be a struggle for outdoor runners. Use running to beat the symptoms of SAD.
  4. Running is amazing for physical and mental health at any age. Read this if you’re one of our 50+ female runners.
  5. Should I enter River Thames half Marathon , after doing a half y

    Hi Katherine, Sounds like you are running well and the best advice is listen to your body and if you are feeling good then no reason not to go for it. Sounds like you need to do this run to try to get...

  6. OOFOS shoes are extremely comfortable. Providing much needed support and stress relief for tired feet and aiding the recovery process.
  7. Ultimately the result is a tasty snack that provides you with slow-release energy and balanced nutrition to help fuel your day, whether you’ve a late night finish in the office ahead or are about to climb a mountain – they just happen to save the nation’s unwanted bananas in the process.
  8. Windsor 10k 23rd September 2017

    Hi Kathy,   Well done and thank you for your kind words, hope to see you in the Half next year  Thanks Joanne race admin

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