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  1. Boudavida Women's 10k Windsor

    Our brand new website which features blogs, all you need to know about the Boudavida Women’s 10k, exclusive training plans and much more is now officially live! Just enter and join our community! En...

  2. Matcha doesn’t look like the tea we’re used to seeing in Britain, but instead is a green powder made from very finely grinding tea leaves picked from plants which, for three weeks before harvest, have been grown under shade.
  3. New research has indicated that hibiscus flowers and green tea could help increase the length of time it takes for your muscles to tire...
  4. Run/walk is a great intro to running, but how should you transition to running the whole way round?
  5. I would love to try another challenge this month

    Hi Dee,   Sorry will look into this for you and try and sort the monthly challenge out for you

  6. This effective protein blend is combined with raw fruit, nuts, oils and superfoods – ranging from cacao nibs to chia seeds.
  7. As most people tend to lead a busy life, grabbing an unhealthy breakfast or missing breakfast altogether is more likely to occur due to having a hectic schedule with work and family commitments.
  8. You don’t need to go wading through ponds with a net to be able to benefit from the algae as there are now a host of chlorella supplements available, both in granule form, to be added to smoothies and shakes, or as tablets.
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