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  1. APP For I-Phone

    Hi Katherine,   I will have a look into this for you Thanks   Joanne 

  2. The Primal Pantry believe they have a tasty solution in the form of their new range of natural high-protein bars. The bars combine a healthy serving of natural energy in the form of both carbohydrates and fats from a range of real food ingredients.
  3. Did you know that the average person gains more than 5 lbs over the festive period? But we’re runners, not average people! If you want to stay in control of your waistline over Christmas, you can.
  4. Think your running posture is set in stone? Think again. With a few simple exercises, you can transform your body position, stride, and foot strike to drastically reduce your risk of injury and increase your speed.
  5. Feel empowered in the performance Dynamo Vest. With a flattering cut, beautiful style lines and an open back detail to provide breathability.
  6. High Waisted Insulating Outdoor Winter Leggings. These sleek, high-performance leggings are soon to be your new go to.
  7. The Rise Midlayer will keep you comfortable and warm this winter. Whether exercising outdoors or travelling to and from the gym.
  8. hello im a newbie

    Hi Yoshiko, Welcome to Running4Women, let us know what type of training you are doing and we can follow your progress and help with motivation and support.   Joanne Running4Women 

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