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  1. London Marathon 2017

    Well done everyone and extra specail well done to our own runner Valerie Bloomfield ParticipantName Bloomfield, Valerie (FRA)Club Running4Women ClubCategory 40-44Runner no 22118Finish detailsPlace (M/...

  2. Q&A Session - Running and Marathon questions

    Hosted by Anna from AnnaTheApple, who is running the London Marathon on Sunday. Anna will answer running and marathon questions directed at MilletSports channel  or by those using the hashtag #AskAnn...

  3. I have always liked keeping fit and used to run on the treadmill in the gym as part of my regular routine.
  4. Ran a marathon last weekend? We’ve got everything you need to recover faster!
  5. The new and improved Beet It Sport Beetroot Flapjack has launched, offering a winning combination of delicious all-natural ingredients; simply beetroot concentrate, oats and raisins in a smaller, more manageable size, offering an ideal option for sportspeople looking for a healthy, high-nitrate snac...
  6. The ergonomic design and active seams reduce chafing and irritation for a focused performance from the first toe-off.
  7. DOMS - delayed onset muscle soreness - is the fancy term for the aching soreness you feel a day or two after a run.
  8. Dipped your toe in with Veganuary? Not ready yet to go completely plant-based but looking to make some healthy and sustainable changes to your diet?
  9. Boudavida Women's 10k Windsor

    Entries are now open for the Boudavida Womens 10k Windsor you can enter online here Early bird offer until the end of March

  10. Boudavida Women's 10k Windsor

    Our brand new website which features blogs, all you need to know about the Boudavida Women’s 10k, exclusive training plans and much more is now officially live! Just enter and join our community! En...

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