5 Healthy Eating Tips For Runners

Have Christmas and New Year festivities left you with a few excess pounds to shift? With our five healthy eating tips for runners, they'll be gone in no time! 

1) Keep It Simple

What's the best diet for losing Christmas weight? With so many diet solutions and eating plans out there, January weight loss can seem overwhelming. We say that the best diet is… the one you feel you can stick to! So keep it simple. In January, build your meals and snacks around real food, home cooking and portion control. Don't make it difficult to choose. Stick to simple meals which you can prepare easily and enjoy eating. Cut out extras such as toppings, sauces, dressings and mix-ins. Simple is best - and it's a sustainable way of managing weight! 

2) Get Into A Routine

Your body and mind will both love a consistent eating routine. So get into the habit of eating regularly. Don't go too long between small meals (this will prevent you from grabbing the nearest thing or buying a snack you don't really want). Plan ahead and prepare your meals and snacks (this will help you control emotional eating). Consistency is key, in running and in nutrition too. 

3) Don't Buy Any More Treat Food

If you've been overeating (or drinking) on specific items, don't buy them any more. If they're not in the house, you're much less likely to eat them (makes sense, doesn't it?) There's no need to go without treats, but break any poor nutritional habits you might have fallen into over Christmas and New Year. 

4) Stock Up On Vegetables

You can't go wrong with eating lots of vegetables. Fill your shopping trolley - and your plate - with vegetables of all shapes, sizes and colours. Leafy greens pack a huge nutritional punch (vitamins, fibre, antioxidants) but try to "eat the rainbow" to ensure your diet is crowded with vitamins and minerals from Mother Nature.

Concentrate on what you can eat, rather than what you can't, and cleaning up your diet in January won't seem a hardship. Crowd out the bad by stocking up on the good! 

5) Batch Cook Healthy Meals

Find some healthy meals you love to eat, and batch cook them. Batch cooking will save money, time and hassle whilst helping you to loose weight. A slow cooker is a great kitchen tool but you can easily batch cook in the oven. Combine vegetables with a lean protein source (chicken, fish or even turkey!) and unprocessed carbohydrates (potato, sweet potato, root vegetables or rice) and you've got the foundations of a truly healthy meal which can be portioned up, frozen or refrigerated and used to fuel your healthiest January yet!


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