Going on holiday soon, or travelling with work? Maintain strength and fitness with these quick and easy hotel room workouts for runners. 

Try a simple circuit to maintain strength, power, agility and flexibility over a one or two week holiday. If you can fit in some running, too, that's great. But a short break from running could actually benefit you, giving your mind and body a rest and leaving you refreshed whilst taking the pressure off the joints and muscles which get used every time you run. 

Try this circuit - take minimal rest between exercises, and up to a minute between each block of exercises. Aim to repeat three or four times. Drink plenty of water! 

Plank and side plank

Hold the plank and each side plank for 30 seconds each.

Stepping lunges

12-16 each leg: step forwards into a lunge, lower, and push back up to the starting point then repeat with the other leg.

Press Ups

10-15: find enough floor space to perform press ups with your arms wide

Dorsal Raises

10-15: lie on the floor and keep your core tight. With your arms at right angles and held out as if sky-diving (palms down), lift your body from the waist, keeping hips and legs down. Feel the work in your lower, mid and upper back.

Step Ups

12-16 each leg: use a sturdy chair, the bed or other solid, flat topped furniture. Step up with both feet, fully extend the knees and hips, then step back down.

Triceps Dips

10-15: use the same piece of furniture and keep your bottom close to your hands as you lower yourself down, elbows pointing directly backwards, so the work is in the back of your arm.


10-15: using the same piece of furniture, squat down until your bottom is touching the surface, pause briefly and then power up. Change the stance (wide or narrow feet) to target different areas of your legs.

Bent Over Row

10-12: grab a heavy object - a small suitcase or vanity case will do - and lean over so your torso is parallel to the ground. Keep the body still and pull the case into your chest with a rowing movement, feeling the work in your back. Swap to the other arm. 

Include plenty of walking in your holiday and your fitness won't suffer any ill-effects from the break. In fact, you'll return to running rested, refreshed and ready to tackle your next training block or race preparation. 


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  1. Running on the beach is really hard, sand is too good in absorbing energy. https://blendberg.com/pl/gotowe-bazy-wedlug-branz-nieruchomosci/
  2. Thankyou R4W, I'll certainly be using this on my upcoming holiday - looking forward to still doing a bit of running though - can't wait to try running on the beach for the first time!


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