Should I enter River Thames half Marathon , after doing a half y

Hi Ladie

Bit of advice needed , I did the Windsor 10k in 1.05.34 and yesterday did the Kingston half in 2.29.29.

and my legs are feeling pretty good , on October 29th is Thames Path half marathon and I can-not make my mind up on entering.

this one is a bit of a bug with me as I did it a couple of years ago and my time was not good ,so I want to prove I can do it.

what do you Ladies think?

  1. Hi Katherine,

    Sounds like you are running well and the best advice is listen to your body and if you are feeling good then no reason not to go for it. Sounds like you need to do this run to try to get a better time. Just don't put too much pressure on yourself as that will not help and you will only end up disappointed.


    Let us know what you decide and good luck if you do run it.


  2. Well I just could not resist ,so I have entered , I will let you know how it goes

  3. I hope you will make it ;) I cross finger for you :D


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  4. Well I could not resist the pull of the River Thames half Marathon and I completed it in 2:23:40 , so beat the Kingston by 6 minutes



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