hello im a newbie


My name is Audrey and im new to this site and new to running.

Ive lost just over four stone in 8 months with Slimming World, to help with the last bit if weight loss and to maintain i decided to start running.  My husband runs regularly and ive always envied him a little. So i decided 1st Jan this yr to start the couch to 5k plan.  I can now run up to 25 mins now without stopping and run an average of 3 miles in this time.  My own target was to run 5 miles (i achieved 5.4 miles last week) and be able to run for over 30 mins which im getting too.


Im so pleased with myself and even though my thighs and calfs are aching its a good ache .


many thanks for reading, looking forward to being part of this communty


  1. Hi Audrey,

    Fantastic that is brilliant and like you say its a good ache. Let us know how your runs go each week and we will help with your motivation.


  2. Thank you 

  3. Hi Audrey, well done for your achievement! If you are looking to do a half marathon in the future then I really recommend this one for you- https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7XV5V25

  4. Hello Everyone.

  5. Hi Jennifer,


    Welcome to the Running4Women Forum are you new to running?


  6. hello Jennifer. 
    Welcome to the running4women forum.

    it seems you are very passionate to become runner. So this enthuism is must to convert impossible to possible.
    Yot just keep going toward your goal with proper training and proper running techniques. I hope you will achieve what you want.
    In case of any query you may ask.

  7. Hello everyone ;) Im a newbie too. My record is 20 km in 2 hours.




  8. Hi there, I am a newbie! Happy to join this forum.

  9. Hi Yoshiko,

    Welcome to Running4Women, let us know what type of training you are doing and we can follow your progress and help with motivation and support.


    Joanne Running4Women 

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