Heavy and conspicuous, my mom's medals aren't exactly ideal stre

My mum has been running ultra races for as long as I can remember now. She has a rack filled with medals from all the crazy races she's run, earned by the sweat of her brow and sheer force of her will. As a jeweler, I thought I would craft a unique ring for her, highlighting her most grueling running accomplishments. Now she reminds herself daily, just by glancing at her finger, of what an incredible woman she is. Showered with compliments, she urged me to start a little business around this simple yet classy design. Nothing too serious at first, but after a couple of sales I realised that it wasn't only my mum who would enjoy wearing this kind of jewelry, but a wide spectrum of outstanding women with the same passion and skill: running.

I invite you to discover these refined medals on https://paulataraandco.com/product-category/running/


  1. Wow! That is really great. You must be really proud of your mother.

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