June Competition

We have a fantastic Competition for the month of June! Simply answer the question below and you will be in with a chance of winning a pair of Columbia Ravenous Lite Trail shoes worth £70!

Congratulations to Jill Clark who is the Lucky Winner of a Pair of Columbia Trail Shoes


Starting as the hat manufacturer, Columbia has gone from a small mom-and-pop shop to a global company. A recently-immigrated German couple bought the business in 1938. After their daughter Gert Boyle took over, Columbia began to build more and more outdoor gear products. In 1993, its outdoor footwear line was launched. Soon enough, people were talking about Columbia, and it was more than about its hats and parkas. Its hiking boots and shoes are perfect for the avid sportsman. Columbia prides itself on producing gear for regular people who enjoy the outdoors. The protective and durable footwear can take adventurers to the peaks of mountains or just down the block.

The Ravenous Lite the shoe of choice for Hell Rider participants.

The lightest trail product we make. Designed for agro runners who have a craving for minimalsim and a serious need for speed. Weighing in at a scant 5.1 ounces, this featherweight champion offers a barefoot feel with the protection and cushioning required for gobbling up single track. An open breathable mesh upper enhances cooling airflow, while a barely-there inner microsuede frame provides great lockdown on the foot. A Techlite® forefoot provides an agile, close-to-the ground ride, while a forefoot nylon rock guard provides essential protection from sticks and stones. As for traction, an Omni-Grip® outsole with strategically placed lugs tackles whatever the trail decides to throw your way.


  • Weight: size 7 ½ pair = 5.1 oz / 144.6 g
  • Simple, lightweight mesh upper combined with a minimal internal frame to create a form-fitting feel.
  • Techlite 5/10 forefoot to heel off-set.
  • Forefoot nylon rock guard.
  • Omni-Grip rubber with strategically placed traction lugs.
  • RRP £70

To find out more about Columbia shoes please go here


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      It seems to be sorted thank you

    2. Runs not logging

      I've just re-freshed the leaderboard and that looks to have fixed things. Let me know if you still have any missing runs...

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