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Running4women is the UK’s No.1 website community for women who enjoy running and leading an active, healthy lifestyle. Our registered members are a friendly lot who run for fun, to keep fit, lose weight or to raise money for charity.

It’s completely FREE to join Running4Women and registration takes just 30 seconds! Join today to get access to:

•    Features, inspiration  & professional advice  on running, training, nutrition, gear and general fitness

•    Expert Q&A

•    Our events calendar to help you find races and events that suit you, including our very own series of Running4Women races.

•    Training plans to help you start running and improve your times!

•    A range of interactive training tools to help you get the most out of your running, including  your own Training Diary

•    Great competitions

•    The weekly Running4Women email newsletter

•    Lots of opportunities to meet and chat with other friendly members and compete against them in the Running4Women leader-boards!

•    AND there’s lots more new stuff on the way, including our very own Mobile APP for iphone and android.

If you are a bit more serious about running and race, why not join the R4W race team and take advantage of additional features and benefits.

Got a question? Contact the team, we’re always happy to hear from you and see how we can help.


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  1. When will we hear about the race? Number etc?


  1. Our challenge to you this month is to perform, feel good and enjoy life by running the equivalent of a full marathon (or two…or three!) over the course of the following month.

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